Janet Emily Demarest

Storyteller, Author and Educator

Booking Information

Educational Programs - School, Library , Theatrical Programs:

Author and storytelling programs range from 45 minutes to approximately an hour in length. Theatrical programs are approximately 1.5 hours. Shows can be tailored to fit your needs. The format for each program varies according to audience. Versions are available for children's programs and adult. All assembly programs are quoted per show; there are discounted rates for multiple shows in one location in one day. Please visit the Contact page to discuss your needs directly with us.

Residencies and Workshops:

Single workshops or extended programs are offered for grades 3-9. All programs include storytelling techniques, story development and hands-on participation. Sample themes include: Becoming a Storyteller; Adapting History; How to Tell a Tall Tale. Workshops to fit your curriculum are also available.

Single Workshops are available at a reduced rate with assembly booking. A Workshop Session Day with multiple sessions is also available for students.

Residency: Residencies include one assembly presentation, followed by between 6 and 10 workshop session days, including a final presentation by participants on the final day.

Staff Development/​Professional Development: 90-minute sessions are available for all educational instructors and staff. All workshops include hands-on participation, an introduction to theatrical and storytelling technique and its classroom application.

For booking information, please visit the Contact page and include a brief description of your needs, such as time frame and location, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We look forward to speaking with you!

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Selected Works

Christmas History and Traditions
Filled with amazing and obscure facts, the fascinating stories and histories of the things we do at Christmas every year - often without ever understanding why! - is certain to delight young and old alike.
From Manhattan to Montauk, to read alone or aloud, the best loved legends and lore of Long Island!