Janet Emily Demarest

Storyteller, Author and Educator

Photo Gallery

The Great Gatsby Ball - Oheka Castle

Oh, Mrs. Dilber! - Port Jefferson Dickens Festival

Book signing at Colonial Williamsburg (and the wig is sliding off...)

Meeting strange and wonderful visitors from the 18th Century! Loved meeting the kids.

"And a partridge in a pear tree!"

Everyone singing along

The Night Before Christmas...well, actually, after Christmas - Colonial Williamsburg, 2016

"Writers Speak", SUNY-Southampton, NY

Rainy night at Book Revue in Huntington, New York - but a great crowd!

Halloween at Old Bethpage Village Restoration

Just hangin' around with the Headless Horseman...

Playing Abigail Adams in "Dearest Friends", Hillside Library

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Christmas History and Traditions
Filled with amazing and obscure facts, the fascinating stories and histories of the things we do at Christmas every year - often without ever understanding why! - is certain to delight young and old alike.
From Manhattan to Montauk, to read alone or aloud, the best loved legends and lore of Long Island!